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Web of Deceit Trailer

Check out the trailer to the award winning film, Web of Deceit, directed by Michael Kyne and starring me! For a limited time, you can buy the DVD of Web of Deceit on sale OR receive a free copy with any purchase from my official shop! Supplies are limited, so order soon!

Guest Appearance on Count Gore de Vol’s Creature Feature (part 1)

Check out part one of my cheeky appearance on the world famous horror host, Count Gore de Vol‘s show, Creature Feature! The film highlighted is Bela Lugosi’s The Corpse Vanishes. Enjoy!

The Corpse Vanishes – Part 1 from Gore De Vol on Vimeo.

Watch me on Investigation Discovery’s Evil Kin!

I’m really excited to share that I filmed an episode of Evil Kin for the very popular Investigation Discovery (ID Channel)! The episode is about the notorious Tison Family who went on a murderous crime spree in 1978. You can learn more about Gary Gene Tison and his clan here. I portray the newlywed Margene Judge who, along with her husband, was tragically murdered during the crime spree.

You’ll be able to see me in the Tison Family episode of Evil Kin when the third season premieres this October!

DC 48 Hour Film Project

Jean Chemnick, Kimberly Porter, and Bianca Allaine in All That Racquet. Photo by Carolyn Raskauskas, 2015.

Jean Chemnick, Kimberly Porter, and Bianca Allaine in All That Racquet. Photo by Carolyn Raskauskas, 2015.

Last weekend I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in the D.C. 48 Hour Film Project with my awesome team, Famous Makers. I have to say, I have not had this much fun on set ever! I made so many new friends and had the chance to play a character that is totally different than anything I have played before.

The film is a comedy called “All That Racquet” and will premiere at the AFI Silver Theater in Silver Spring, Maryland Thursday, May 8 at 9:45 PM (click here for tickets). If you are unable to make it, have no fear! The extended (and polished) director’s cut will be available online soon!

Coffin Cuties #3- Teaser

I am so excited to be featured and interviewed in Coffin Cuties Magazine, Issue #3, available in print and digital download! (The photo here is just a snapshot I took with my phone. The actual magazine is GORGEOUS!) And, if that was not tempting enough, horror artist legend Basil Gogos created the beautiful cover!

Order here:

Get your issue today for all the spooky, sexy goodness!

From Coffin Cuties

Coffin Cuties is where sensual meets sideshow, fantasy meets phantasm and beauty brings out its beast. So curl up in your hip crypt, your laboratory lounge or your black lagoon rumpus room as Mad doctor Mike Hearse..

Blood on the Reel: A Look At The First 9 Minutes by Malevolent Magazine

Malevolent Magazine’s Emory Stone wrote the following review after watching the first nine minutes of the documentary, Blood on the Reel, which I had the pleasure of hosting!

From the vision of Indie Horror filmmaker Johnny Daggers (DaggerVision Films) in association with SGL Entertainment comes the documentary BLOOD ON THE REEL: THE GUTS BEHIND INDIE HORROR. The Indie Horror filmmakers have the heart to make these films, but do you have the guts to watch?

Cover art by Jsin Kollar

Cover art by Jsin Kollar

I was approached by my good friend Johnny Daggers to screen the first 9 minutes of BOTR. I’ve been intrigued by the film since first featuring Johnny in Malevolent Magazine last year and seeing how passionate he is about it, his craft and Indie Horror itself. There was no doubt in my mind that this inside look into the minds of indie filmmakers in the genre would be as educational as entertaining.

We’re immediately dropped into a bubbling blood-soaked brew stirred by the catchy, eerie and perfectly fitting theme music composed by Marijin Knezevic. With an introduction by everybody’s favorite Horror Hostess Bianca Alliane, she sets up and opens the gate to our visceral path to answer the question: Does Indie Horror defy the basic standards of morality and decency?

BOTR is a raw, uncut, uncensored look at the bloody gore-filled, taboo and controversial subjects associated with Horror and the sub-genres such as Slashers. Film director Kelly Hughes informs us of a little known movement in the 80’s to ban Slashers, protesting against violence toward women. Renowned European actress Manoush weighs in on the subject of Horror being degrading for women. The Evil Twins let us know just how much they love gore and nothing is too depraved for them to delve into. Like filmmaker Massimiliano Cerchi says, if Horror movies are too gory, degrading or shocking…simply don’t watch them.

From a grindhouse brand of editing and fast paced segment excerpts to countdowns from the early days of television and attention grabbing quotes from today’s Indie Horror filmmakers, BLOOD ON THE REEL will keep you watching and hungry to feed your voracious appetite for this inside look at a fast growing Indie Horror Community. Horns up to Johnny Daggers for this one of a kind, cutting edge piece of film history. Malevolent Magazine cannot wait to see the finished product and see who all from the Indie Horror scene shows up in the film.You will hear all about it when Daggers returns in an issue of Malevolent later this year. Stay tuned.

Blood On The Reel on Facebook:

Johnny Daggers on Facebook:

Blood On The Reel on IMDb:

Blood on the Reel Promo Video!

From Blood on the Reel film maker, Johnny Daggers

Blood On The Reel hostess, Bianca Allaine, voices her excitement and anticipation for the upcoming horror documentary, “Blood On The Reel: The Guts Behind Indie Horror”. A Johnny Daggers Film. Coming to SGL ENT. 2015.

Diabolique Magazine Promo Coffin Cuties!

A beautiful promo from my friends at Diabolique Magazine:

Coffin Cuties Issue 3 Now Available Featuring Cover Art By Basil Gogos And Interview With ‘Bianca Allaine’ Popular Horror Film Actress, Model And Podcast Host

Read the full article at-

And don’t forget to pick up your own copy of Coffin Cuties Magazine! I am featured in issue #3!

Confession Time

I have a confession to make. I am a terrible cook! What makes it worse is that so many of my friends and family members are amazing cooks! I get to see their culinary creations first hand on Facebook posts, text messages, and Instagram. I, however, was not blessed with the patience needed to be a chef. So, when I found the website, Pinterest Fail, I was delighted to know that not all of us are as masterful as Martha Stewart (who I love obsessively, by the way)!

In fact, I am so inspired by these brave souls who dare to post their nightmarish creations, that I feel inspired to do so as well. But, where should I start? I would love to have any suggestions from my beloved readers. In fact, I will randomly choose one of your suggestions for something to cook or bake and then post the results for you! Let’s see how close I can get to the Pinterest/foodie blog photo! Or, we might all share a giggle as I crash and burn (the food)!

So, let the suggestions begin, this will be fun…

Love and light,


Welcome to my blog!

Hello, old friends and new!

Welcome to my brand new blog, working title: Video Vamp*. I have decided that I have come to a crossroads in my life and it is time to tread in a new direction. Many of you know me from the films I have been in, which are mostly of the horror variety, and even more of you know me from my comedy/horror movie review vidcast, Watch These Films with Bianca (WTF). And, as some of you know, I have a penchant for heavy metal and “grunge” music! But, like most humans, I am multi-faceted and have a variety of interests and indulgences.

I thought that creating this blog would allow you to get to know more about me, outside of my acting and hosting career. So, I hope you come back and get to know me a little better. Please feel free to comment and share any stories or questions that you may have!

I look forward to interacting with you all soon!

Love and light,


*Bonus points to those who can guess where I got the name from! No Google allowed!